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FIVE x 5 Consulting is here to help at every stage of your distillery's growth, making it easier to make great things.

Distillery Startup Tools

Whiskey Systems Distillery Startup Tools gives you the insight and analysis you need to build a business plan, secure financing, and make your dream distillery a reality. 

Startup Tools will help:

  • Estimate the capital investment needs for your start up distillery
  • Create mash bills and estimate true costs to make or source
  • Estimate your true cost of goods sold for each planned product
  • Calculate a fair wholesale sales price for distributors
  • Estimate future revenue based on sales projections
  • Calculate profit margins for each product
  • Collect and calculate other expenses required for operations
  • Create a P&L report you can share with your investors or future investors
  • Guide you through your DSP application

In addition, Startup Tools include two hours of individual consulting to cover anything you need, from questions on compliance and best practices to the most common hiccups we see with new distilleries. 





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Consulting 101

Fx5 Consulting's 101 sessions target the areas that most directly impact your business, from cash flow to compliance. Our team is happy to dive deep on any topic, or to create a custom curriculum to give you as much insight as possible into areas like:

  • Cost Accounting: Distillery accounting fundamentals, best practices, and more to manage your finances and achieve your operational goals.
  • Reporting: Filing reports is one thing – understanding them is something else entirely. Get to know TTB reports from the inside out, including how things move across reports, common issues, and what to lookout for each month.
  • Operations: Who should do what, and when? Get help with your business's operational strategy and evaluate staffing needs, roles and responsibilities, standard operating procedure, and more.
  • Compliance: Audits, fines, and shutdowns are too expensive to risk. Let us guide you in implementing a compliance program that makes compliance an everyday, ongoing practice to minimize risk to your business.





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